Interior Design Glasgow / Interior Styling Glasgow


FANTOUSH - Commercial and Residential Interior Design Glasgow

At Fantoush we help you channel your ideas, inspire you with ours and provide the expertise to create exceptional interiors for your home or business.

Working across both commercial and residential sectors in Glasgow, Fantoush offers a broad range of services including:

  • Commercial and Residential Interior Design in Glasgow

  • 3D Drawings

  • Styling and Room Staging in Glasgow

  • E-Design

  • Sourcing - including Art and Bespoke Commissions.

  • Upholstery in Glasgow

  • Moodboards / Colour consultation in Glasgow

Fantoush was founded by Edinburgh based Interior Designer Emily Smoor in 2011. The upholstery studio expanded in 2014 to include interior and bespoke furniture design. Services provided in Glasgow, Edinburgh, throughout Scotland and beyond.