In this tutorial I am going to show you how to make easy pom pom tassels to decorate the corners of cushions or bedspreads. You can make pom pom's  and tassels from scratch with embroidery thread but who pray tell has time for that? Or you can make them with wool and a fork (!) beautifully demonstrated  by Decorator's Notebook. BUT these are a slightly swankier version that will make any cushion look gorgeously luxurious. 



I used Robert Allen Library Brush Fringe which is available in lots of brilliant colours, this is a trade product but I have also found some great brush fringes on Ebay and Etsy. 

Step 1. Work out how bushy you want your pom poms, these were made for a 60 x 40cm cushion so they needed to be pretty generous. I used 25cm per cushion so that I could get 4 pom poms out of 1 metre. Cut the trim carefully to minimise unravelling. I put a dot of glue where the threads were loose which you can see in this photo. 


Step 2. Now that you have your sections, we need to make something to attach it to the cushion. I used excess fabric from the cushion but anything sturdy that matches the cushion or the pompoms would do.  Cut a piece of fabric 3 cm wide and 10cm long.  Fold the long sides in on them selves so that the raw edges are folded and hidden.  You should have a long thing strip of fabric now, around 1.5cm wide.  If you are using a sewing machine, use the zig sag stitch to sew the strip from end to end, This secures the raw edges and strengthens the strip. Confused? (!)

Step 3. Using the zig zag stitch again, attach one end of your strip to one end of your trim. You should be stitching the strip to the wrong side of the trim (which ever side is less pretty).

Step 4. Starting at the end that you have sewn your strip, apply a few centimetres of glue at a time to the inside top edge of the trim and start to roll. When you get near the end, glue a dot on the end and fold in 5mm to stop the trim unravelling. Continue glueing until all of the trim is rolled up. Voila, you have le pompom!


Emily Smoor