Most of the time I am at my absolute happiest creating. I love finding creative ways to achieve a look myself rather than paying someone else to do it. I get the thirst and I'll Pinterest the shit out of something and won't stop until I have found a way and at 10% of the price. And then there are days I just want to go away and come home to the job done. The stair runner was one such of these instances. I say that but really. I'd much rather save my money and go to Paris for the weekend or buy a new coat than pay someone to do something I'm pretty sure I can do myself. Needless to say I always end up with my sleeves rolled up doing some bonkers project.  

One of the reasons I did it myself is that I could not find a carpet that I liked and much preferred the jute rugs that I used.  This is one of those tutorials where you get to hear everything not to do and have a wonderful time installing it the right way with small animated birds flying round your head and joy in your heart.  

Here is a photo of the stair when we bought the house - it was just so minging. There was a dark green shag pile rug on the stairs before, they had used that fierce spiky carpet strip which is designed to shred your extremities and destroy wooden floors. We sanded all of the floors and then Ebonized them. this is a process where you use iron oxide solution on the floor, this brings out the tannins in the wood and turns them grey or black depending on the solution strength. Anyway my point is that despite the sanding and staining, the stairs still looked sad and were slippy so I wanted a runner. And here is how I did it.


Step 1.  Source your rugs

In less you are a shoes off house, your stair carpet is going to get a lot of wear. You need to choose a rug that is hard wearing, won't stretch too much over time and become saggy and is a tight enough weave that you can staple it down. I bought these jute black and natural rugs from Homescapes. In order to know how many rugs you need, you will have to measure your stairs and know the length of the rugs you want to use. Use a flexible tape and work out where approximately, the outside edge of your runner will sit. This will give you the longest length. I started my runner under the top lip of the top stair. You need to make your rugs join on the stair uprights, i.e. the verticals.

Emily Smoor